Public School Parent, a project in lieu of thesis, centers around the collision of public and private spheres of influence as experienced by a public school parent. Using irony and satire, the project calls into question current standards and practices in public schools, specifically related to the business and politics of education—and ultimately how that interrupts the individualized nature of human development and intellectual growth. The purpose of the project is to provoke a conversation in the community towards a more human-centered and expansive education system.


Through the form of a school auction, the exhibition invited critical reflection rather than consumer choices. The auction catalog contains items that provoke a rethinking of the possibilities in education, transforming a traditional mode of consumption into a vehicle for change. Attendees were invited to engage with the catalog, reflect on the content and participate by "placing a bid" on the bid wall—using gold stars as the currency—which items they would want to see change.

In the end, the top three items voted on by the public were—"More Time Outside," "Art, Art & More Art," and "No More Bullsh*t Testing." The attendees were also invited to leave feedback on what they would have liked to have seen in the catalog. The suggestions were collected in a mailbox next to the bid wall.

A detailed MFA Project Report can be downloaded through the University of Florida Digital Collection here.


To see only the contents of the catalog, click through here to view.