During the spring of 2016, I had the opportunity to serve as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Florida. One of the upper-level courses that I instructed was the design thinking studio, Mint. Over the course of the semester, I mentored students through the design thinking process—starting from identifying problems, to interviewing & protrotyping, to the end result—as well as art directed projects, studio collateral and events for the studio. Two student projects shown here are What are you gonna do with that?, a collaboration with Art Education and a local art organization to promote creativity in schools; and #Adulting, an app designed to help incoming freshmen navigate the world of adulthood. A promo slideshow of the work produced during the semester that was shown at our end of the year event, Made by Mint, can be seen here.

What are you gonna do with that?

Students: Collin Ciell & Sierra Starkey

University of Florida | Spring 2016

In Collin & Sierra's words: "What are you gonna do with that? is a campaign supporting creativity in schools. The goal is to spread awareness of the connections between the skill sets learned in art classes and those needed in the professional world."

The duo collaborated with students in Art Education to join a community wide movement of pop-up art events called 352Creates.
A temporary mural with a set of prompts and activity books were set-up at a local brewery, inviting community members to unleash their creativity and open up a conversation about the importance of art in education.


Students: Paige Carl, E. Rebecca Shalloway & Ivelisse Birk

University of Florida | Spring 2016

In Paige's words: "#Adulting is a concept for an app that teaches college students how to "do grown up things." The app has categories such as Finance, Business, Social, Home, Food & Drink, Fix It, and Health. Users can choose from each and learn from the various subcategories each obtains."

The trio conducted surveys among college students for content and user interface—paper surveys handed out during several sessions of a required freshman course, as well as an electronic survey circulated through social media. They selected the relevant categories, wrote the copy, illustrated, wireframed and prototyped the app. Link to the app via Invision.