Located in the quiet town of Evinston, Florida, Wood & Swink Old Store and Post Office has been in continuous operation since 1883. It's a national historic landmark, but one that is looking for ways to stay afloat in today's econonmy. Because I am slightly obsessed with post offices in general, I decided to take a trip out there to see what the story was. I met the owner and the postal worker, both friendly and open about their situation and any ideas for how to revitalize the store so people will travel to it.

My central question was how can we take something old and make it new and relvenat to today's consumer? What would attract a family, say, to drive out on a Saturday to experience this place? I came up with three main ideas: 1. Get people to the store 2. Get people to buy things 3. Take the store to the people outside of a close radius.

Another part of the project involved branding the store, using type with a hint of nostalgia but that had a more contemporary look. With the new branding, the store would also be able to produce and sell paraphanalia to visitors, further increasing their potential for capital.